Take Heart St. Cloud Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Survivor’s Network

To prevent the loss of life from Sudden Cardiac Arrest through implementation of the four Take Heart St. Cloud initiatives to provide SCA advocacy and awareness; to provide support to people affected by SCA.


We believe that people who have survived SCA can find comfort, encouragement, and motivation from getting to know others who have had the same experience.

We are passionately committed to serving the needs of all people who have experienced SCA or have the potential to become victims of SCA, and their loved ones.

We believe that we can be most effective by having survivors and ambassadors work side-by-side. We also seek meaningful and productive partnerships with other organizations.

We believe that networking and shared awareness of advocacy work empowers survivors to tell their stories and educate others about SCA and the need for better prevention and treatment.

We will strive to create plans that are quantifiable and measurable, and we will frequently and openly share our progress with our members and stakeholders.

To live in a world where:

  1. all people recognize SCA, know how to respond, and have access to appropriate and effective care
  2. emergency medical services and in-hospital medical care is available in a timely and integrated manner and
  3. all survivors of SCA get the support they need and encouragement to become advocates for the cause.

Goals, Strategies, and Tactics

GOAL 1: Increase public awareness of SCA and the Take Heart initiatives

Offer the services of an SCA Speakers Bureau to other organizations.


  1. Create customized presentations for specific needs, such as police departments, school boards, and community groups.
  2. Develop and distribute an SCA Speakers Bureau Brochure.
  3. Participate in public education events and health fairs.
  4. Review local and regional opportunities and prioritize events for participation.
  5. Create Public Service Announcements and/or programs and distribute to media outlets including free access and local cable channels.
  6. Institute a program for recognizing SCA rescuers and publicizing saves.

GOAL 2: Increase placement of AEDs in our communities.

Assist in CPR bystander training, AED distribution, ResQPod training and advocacy of cooling protocol.


  1. Conduct a survey to assess their current experience with, and feelings about CPR bystander training and AED programs.
  2. Work with policymakers to support the four Take Heart initiatives.
  3. Actively work with legislators and decision makers on the following key legislation goals:
  4. CPR/AED training required in all high schools.
  5. AEDs to be carried by all first responder vehicles
  6. AEDs to be placed in all high schools.
  7. AEDs placed in all public gathering sites.